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Still Alive

2014-02-28 16:13:28 by PowerMeep

I don't know how to use a scanner! :D


I got my account back and have been derping around in flash. No promises about anything, just another low quality scan of this guy here.

Plans for teh Year

2009-09-03 23:53:25 by PowerMeep

So Sometime this Year, I wanna upload another Rayceman Video. A Music Video, featuring Printe Nori by Ozone, in which Rayceman does battle with Ninjas.

I'm also hoping to get another character in the animated world: Shadow.

Not Shadow the Hedgehog!

Shadow was created by myself and a friend of mine some nine years ago. We made Stick Figure Comic Books. And for copyright Reasons, Ill include the fact that he first introduced himself as 'the Shadow.'

I'll Start By Trying to put Shadow back into a Comic Book.

And No. He Will not be a stick figure flash.

Plans for teh Year